Welcome to Nattoralik



Thank you for your look at our website!

Whether you come to Aasiaat and Disko Bay as a tourist or work, you will be fascinated of the resort's stunning scenery.
On B / B Nattoralik and Restaurant Nanoq we do our very best to make your stay here in the city so wonderful and unforgettable as possible.

You'll hopefully want to submit either B / B Nattoralik or Restaurant Nanoq a visit in the near future so that we can welcome you to a good quality experience here in Aasiaat, Greenland.

Our hotel "Nattoralik" is situated completely peaceful, app. 6 min. walk from the restaurant (and pub and discotheque) - high above and in the midst of the city  - so therefore you have a unique view of the city, the harbour, the sea and the archipelago.